Pastor Greg Clemmer


Greg has a Degree from Tarleton State University in Agricultural Education.


He is married to his lovely wife, Vickie. They have worked together as a team, with God by their side  as they built 3 Crosses Cowboy Church. Together; they have brought a dream to life. Their vision is to have a church where everyone feels welcome and at home. A place that does not care what clothes you are wearing, what back ground you come from, a church that accepts and loves everyone from all walks of life.


Pastor Greg is the type of Pastor who never tries to change you, and never makes you feel bad for your life choices... He is simply here for us when we need him. He lends a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on and words of wisdom to help you when you need it.


Greg's love for God shines and shows in everythig he does. We are gratetful that he is willing to share that love and the word of God to all who are willing to accept it and embrace it.

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